Recent progress in nanoscale enhanced light matter interactions on a chip

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    Title: Recent progress in nanoscale enhanced light matter interactions on a chip.

Abstract: Motivated by the growing efforts for miniaturization,on chip nanoscale photonic and plasmonic based devices and systems are becoming a reality.In this talk I describe our recent progress towards the construction of on chip passive and active devices based on silicon photonics and silicon plasmonics technologies.This effort includes the demonstration of plasmonic enhanced silicon photo detectors for the infrared,dielectric nanowaveguides and plasmonic devices for enhancing light-vapor interactions,and precise measurement capabilities with nanophotonics. Finally, I will discuss the potential of characterizing nanophotonic devices at the nanoscale using near field scanning probe thermal microscopy. Bio: Professor Uriel Levy is affiliated with the Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering and Computer Science of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He serves as the director of the center for nanoscience and nanotechnology at the Hebrew University. Prior to joining HUJI in 2006 he was a post graduate researcher at the University of California, San Diego. His major research interest is nanophotonics, with focus on silicon photonics, plasmonics, and light matter interactions for applications in communication, imaging, lithography, sensing, memories, and alternative energy. He is a fellow of the Optical Society of America and a recent recipient of an ERC grant related to light vapor interactions on a chip.